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The Fee-Only Difference

You have countless financial companies and advisors to choose from when seeking financial planning services. In this crowded field, MLR Financial Partners stands out by incorporating the following important principals into our practice:


  • We believe the advisor should always place the interests of the client first.

  • We believe the advice rendered should be objective and impartial.

  • We believe that clients are best served through a comprehensive approach.


As a Fee-Only financial planning firm, we do not accept commissions on products recommended or services provided. Unlike traditional brokers, we are not encumbered by the pressure to sell proprietary products. The fee-only service model allows us to focus our attention on the advice and recommendations given to the client. Our services are held to a fiduciary standard of care. The client’s interests are always placed at the center of the services provided.


Objective & Impartial

An advisor or broker that has a financial incentive tied to what is being recommended will always face an inherent conflict of interest. The advice given to the client under this type of arrangement cannot be considered objective and impartial.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisors and brokers in the United States are not providing objective advice but rather selling financial products.  Their income is often dependent upon their ability to steer clients into proprietary products that pay large sales commissions.  Most individuals do not recognize the significance of this conflict of interest.


We believe that the Fee-Only approach is the only service model that eliminates this conflict of interest.  Our compensation is not based on the recommendations we provide or the advice given.  We believe that this transparency with our clients allows us to provide advice that is truly objective, impartial, and valuable.

Our firm has been a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) since 2006. NAPFA is an association of advisors that adhere to a strict fee-only approach to providing financial advice. We currently have three Certified Financial Planners™ on staff. The CFP® mark is given to financial planning professionals who have completed extensive training and are held to high ethical and educational standards. 

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