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Investing is an essential part of the financial planning process. We closely integrate the financial planning process with investment management to provide a personalized strategy aimed at helping you reach your financial goals.


The complex universe of investments can be difficult to understand and sometimes wearisome to manage on a daily basis. We can partner with you to develop, implement, and maintain an investment strategy focused on helping you reach your unique goals.


Understanding Risk

The most important principal of investing is the relationship between risk and return. The level of risk one is willing to take will have a direct influence on the expected return. We strive to help you achieve your financial goals while prudently managing the portfolio risk. We believe that understanding the client’s unique expectations of risk and return is one of the most important parts of the investment process.


Asset Allocation

We understand the importance of diversification during changing economic and market cycles and the risk that comes from improper diversification. The approach to asset allocation combines fundamental practices with an awareness of economic and market cycles. Our desire is to construct a customized asset allocation model that is tailored to meet your specific needs.


Investment Selection

The managed portfolios include securities such as exchange traded funds, individual stocks, individual bonds, mutual funds, and separately managed accounts. Our investment selection process combines a top-down approach consistent with the asset allocation model, and a bottom-up approach of selecting investments through qualitative research.


Active Engagement

Changes occur each day in the global markets.  While it is important to understand the benefits of long-term investing it is also important to be mindful of new opportunities that may arise.  Each step of our investment selection revolves around your interests, goals, and expectations.  We actively monitor your accounts and manage them so that if an opportunity arises that we believe will improve your portfolio we will be prepared to make a change.


Types of Accounts

We provide investment management for the following accounts:


  • Traditional IRA

  • Rollover IRA

  • Roth IRA

  • Individual Investment Account

  • Joint Investment Account

  • Trusts Accounts

  • Custodial Account

  • Business Retirement Plans (See Retirement Plans section)



We do not receive sales loads or commissions.  The fee-only model allows us to seek out high-quality investments at low costs.  Clients will experience personalized and objective financial planning and investment management services with a transparent fee structure.  The cost of our investment management services can be significantly less than the cost of maintaining an account through a bank or with a traditional broker because we do not assess front-end loads or surrender charges, and we receive no commissions.


Our financial planning services are available primarily as an integrated part of the ongoing investment management engagement. However, we realize that the financial planning needs of our clients may vary. For some engagements an hourly billing may be applicable.

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